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Reconnect With Visitors

REPEATQ is a managed campaign using AdWords; an advertising method introduced by Google that allows you to display custom ads to visitors that previously viewed your site. Google AdWords Remarketing helps you reconnect by showing your ads as they browse other sites.

How It Works

When someone visits your site, a remarketing tag places a cookie in their browser. When that visitor views other sites within the Google Display Network, the cookie alerts Google AdWords which then displays your custom ad.

Persistence Pays Off

Our attention is diverted nearly every second to something new. For this reason, it is important to stay in front of your prospects. Remarketing is a cost effective way to keep your brand visible and bring visitors back to your site, increasing the chance that they will make a purchase.

Branding and Recall

Your positive ad messages will long be identified with you and will also help people remember your brand easily.

Cost Efficient

You only get charged for clicks, while you could virtually get thousands or millions of impressions (free branding).

Repeat Traffic

Sales aren’t typically made during the first visit.

High Visibility

Your ads will be all over the place. You will look like a big advertiser, an established company, to your web visitors.

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